In order to produce better fabrics, Yarn Business Department of Luthai Textile introduces the world’s most advanced and most complete spinning systems including ring spinning, compact spinning, Siro-spinning and Nu-Torque spinning and adopts America supima, Egypt long-staple cotton, which has enhanced the yarn quality, reduced the processing costs and also improved the quality of products. The 40S-300S high count combed cotton and blended yarns it produces are suitable for high-grade woven and knitted fabrics. Luthai owns a full set of 4-type cotton and yarn detecting instrument of Uster Technologies and the quality of all the yarns can reach the advanced level of 5%-25% published by Uster Statistics.

yarn dyed fabric

Luthai Textile currently owns the world’s largest production base of high-grade yarn dyed shirt fabrics which is able to produce yarns and fabrics of cotton, fiber, silk, wool, chemical fiber and other materials. The fabric weaves are more diversified – there are all types of woven fabrics varying from ternary weave to jacquard fabric. Moreover, there are as many as 20,000 varieties and designs being produced in one year and the total length of annual yarn dyed fabrics production are as 5 times long as the terrestrial equator. Yarn dyed fabrics have characters of clear strip weaves, strong fastness, rich varieties, high added value, etc. To meet the market demand, we are continuously increasing product varieties and have formed a product system of dozens of series and hundreds of thousands of specifications with the principle line of pure cotton compact spinning and LT AM finishing technique now. Combination of process control and advanced information technologies has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of products and service. Rely on the world-class manufacturing equipment and techniques and advanced management concept.


Luthai Textile owns 13 garment plants including 67 world stage-of-art large-scale production lines of high-grade shirt,T-shirt and polo shirt. Luthai has an annual output of 30 million pieces of shirts, mainly medium-grade or high-grade yarn-dyed fabric shirts, non-iron shirts by liquid ammonia + moist-cure and liquid ammonia + post curing technique. All the manufacturing equipment are introduced from Japan, Germany, America, Italy and other countries, such as CAD automatic pattern machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic typesetting system and CAM automatic cutting machine from America GERBER TECHNC, and the 8 automatic hanging systems from Eton of Switzerland. The company in recent years has developed a series of multi-functional and environmental-friendly shirts like seamless shirt, super non-iron shirt and decontamination shirt. The new-type decontamination shirt developed by Luthai has super strong fouling resistance – the normal stains can be washed more easily and even can be cleaned quickly with no need of detergent, which can subsequently reduce carbon emissions.

Dyed and printed fabric

Super non-iron fabric: pure cotton non-iron fabric is made of PM cotton exported from America and other qualified materials by non-ironing finishing process with independent intellectual right. The non-iron effect reaches up to Level 4 after 30 times of washing according to AATCC 124 Standard. The fabric has characters of stable size and good crease resistance and has effect of “non-iron, wash and wear”.

Lufeng Polar White ®: this fabric with features of high whiteness and resistance to yellowing for long time has received high praises from customers home and abroad and been praised as “Lufeng Polar White”.

Multi-component fabric: this fabric, self-developed by the company, integrated the merits of many kinds of fibers which therefore is more comfortable for wearing.

Digital printing fabric: high-grade non-iron printing fabrics is the outcome of digital printing technique and liquid ammonia non-iron finishing technique, which has to the largest extent satisfied the market demands for new things, differences and changes of modern people with incomparable advantages.
Stretch fabric: series of stretch fabrics such as XLA, FREEFIT, LYCRA, SORONA, T400 and natural stretch series have been successively developed; usher in the application of new materials in the garment field.

High-grade pant fabric: pant fabric by liquid ammonia post curing technique has overcome the defects of pure cotton fabric, such as bad crease resistance, high shrinkage rate, bias filling and more hairiness after washing and has merits of soft feeling, good hygroscopicity and permeability successfully.