Product Innovation

After over thirty years of development, Luthai has significantly upgraded pure cotton fabrics from iron to non-iron, non-elastic to elastic, and shirts from sewn to seamless. The continuous improvement of product grade, using practical actions to interpret the infinite connotation of fabrics.

Fabric upgrade

Luthai has successfully developed ultra-high count pure cotton yarn (300S) and yarn dyed fabrics, with yarn as fine as spider silk and fabric as thin as cicada wings. The fabric quality has reached an international leading level, promoting the development of spinning technology and ultra-high count fabrics.

Non-iron Shirt

Luthai has introduced a liquid ammonia production line and successfully developed liquid ammonia+moist-cure fabrics, achieving pure cotton non-ironing! The development of liquid ammonia series products has achieved a fundamental transformation from iron to non-iron, leading to a change in clothing.

Additional Function

The cotton and XLA elastic fabrics developed by Luthai and Dow Chemical have the touch of pure cotton, Comfort elasticity, and excellent wrinkle resistance, leading people to pursue a comfortable and free lifestyle concept. FREEFIT uses Invista elastic fibers, which have a soft feel and moderate elasticity, making it a new choice for elastic shirt fabrics.


Fibers like Bemberg and Tencel can be naturally degraded, environmentally friendly, and renewable. The fabric is soft and has good drapability, a three-dimensional solid sense of garment, and long-lasting anti-static properties.

Luthai has solved the yarn formation problem of the best blending ratio between cotton and renewable fibers and the dyeing and color matching problem of two-component blended yarn. It has launched a series of high-end fabrics such as Bem-co, cotton/tencel, non-ironing, cool feeling, temperature control, and multi-functional fabrics. Its patterns, excellent quality, and a rich sense of technology have won unanimous recognition from customers.