From “three proof” (water proof, oil proof, soil proof) to “three natural
features” (non-iron, self-cleaning, self stain-removal)

With scientific and technical innovation as the core of competition and development, Luthai adheres to the high-end products strategy and strives to keep our technologies and equipment in the industry leading level, constantly introducing advanced equipments and technologies from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries and closing down outdated production facilities so as to promote industrial structure adjustment and achieve industrial upgrading.
Since 2000, Luthai has invested 450 million yuan in equipment introduction. Luthai takes the lead in introducing the world’s currently most advanced compact spun equipment, successfully upgrades condensed equipment and technology of compact spun and sirospun and develops a series of high count, ultra high count pure cotton and yarns of multi components. It also introduces full automatic drawing-in machine of international leading level which has greatly shorten processing time, improved productivity and reduce labor strength, and world-class liquid ammonia processing equipment which has brought forward the upgrade of fabric finishing technology and a series of natural fabric non-iron technologies and standards.
For more than two decades Luthai Group has constantly upgraded its leading products: upgrade of yarns from carded yarn to combed yarn, from ordinary ring yarn to compact yarn, from medium count via high count to ultra high count; upgrade of fabric from ironing to non-iron and from nonelastic to elastic; fine turning of seamed shirt to seamless shirt; and progress of “three proof” (water proof, oil proof, soil proof) to “three natural features” (non-iron, self-cleaning, self stain-removal), being the guide of healthy and its industrialization of 300S yarn and ultra-high-count pure cotton fabric
With application of the world's most advanced Rieter K44 yarn spinning equipment from Switzerland and COM spinning production process, Luthai is the first to introduce and successfully develop 300S ultra-high-count pure cotton yarn dyed fabric, the first time for ultra-high-count fabric in the world.

Low Carbon Technology

Adhering to concept of parallel development of environment protection and production, Luthai strives to be a modernized, green enterprise of "resource-saving and environment-friendly". Luthai has changed the environmental management mode of emphasizing on end treatment and making light of pollution precaution in the traditional textile and dyeing industry and taken an integrated pollution control approach of grade use energy with focus on clean production and with support of end treatment based on scientific and strict environmental management system. An energy conservation and emission reduction mode of final comprehensive control has been formed over time.
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    High flux membrane treatment and reuse technology of dyeing wastewater and its industrialization

    Luthai has developed high flux membrane treatment and reuse technology of dyeing water with the cooperation with Donghua University and has build up a modern wastewater treatment plant with a daily processing capacity of 120,000 tons. Top technologies of Orbal oxidation ditch of Germany and high-sludge sedimentation tank of France have been adopted. The water quality after treatment reaches standard A of the first class and wastewater reuse rate is up to 40%. Moreover, segregation of high and low concentration wastewater in early stage, recollection in medium stage and further treatment in later stage have been realized which pushes forward the development of wastewater reuse technology in China.

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    Half-vat dyeing technology of energy conservation

    Considering the disadvantages of traditional dyeing process – large energy consumption, high cost, low output that are against sustainable development, Luthai has put forward overturning concept – “Half-vat dyeing” based on the existing equipment performance. This technology breaks the traditional method of full immersion. Luthai is the first to successfully develop “jigger dyeing” technology of international leading level in the industry based on creative transformation of dyeing equipment and research on dyeing parameters, bring about remarkable energy saving effect.

Informatization Technology

Luthai Group has always taken combination of informatization and industrialization as an important strategy for the speed-up development of enterprise for years. After resource integration, strengthening management and optimization from 1994, now a highly-integrated information management system with YSENDIS product design system, yarn-dyed process design system, EFS cotton-blending system, centre control system of spinning, dyeing and weaving and automatic leasing and reeding system of Russia.
Whether fabric pattern, color or shirt style, Luthai adopts CAD software of Gerber Technology and achieves data integration of CAD and ERP. We also adopt Yxendis CAD software of France and Humansolution design software of Germany in the process of fabric research. Process design and pattern making can be finished in the shortest time according to customers’ requirements and the design efficiency is largely improved.
Luthai has integrated the whole process of product design, research, manufacture and sales by virtue of ERP system, through which standardization, intellectualization and automation are realized in production.